InText Translation Company

InText Translation Company
Business Description:

InText is one of the leading SLVs in Ukraine with more than 10 years of experience and long-term partnerships with the World’s Top 100 MLVs. We offer a full-range of services including translation, software localization, DTP and voice-over. Our workflow combines tailored TMS, state-of-the-art technologies and measurable translation quality in proven compliance with ISO 9001 and EN 15038 standards to ensure your projects are delivered by your deadline and to your quality expectations.

Industry Specialties:
Oil, gas, IT, machine building, telecommunication, aircraft industry, space
Language Specialties:
Russian and Ukrainian.

PO Box 1041
Dnepropetrovsk 49006

+38 0562 31 70 76
+38 0562 36 64 08