Language Empire

Language Empire
Business Description:

We understand and believe that the single greatest barrier to business success is the one erected by culture. We work to break this barrier and help promote understanding and appreciation in intercultural differences promoting clearer communication, breaking down barriers, building trust, strengthening relationships, opening horizons and yielding tangible results in terms of business success. Language Empire employs only professional linguists with not only the right qualifications but the cultural awareness. Those that translate only translate into their mother tongue and are specialist on the subject of the source text. All linguists are put through rigorous recruitment process and confidentiality is guaranteed.

Industry Specialties:
Business, financial, legal, automotive, medical, pharmaceutical engineering, technology, environmental, food, charities, manufacturing, telecoms, public sector, music, media, broadcasting, art
Language Specialties:
Over 400 languages including rare and exotic languages.

Deeplish House
Rochdale OL11 NA

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