Language Industry Certification System (LICS)

Language Industry Certification System (LICS)
Business Description:

The Language Industry Certification System LICS is a joint venture between AS+Certification, a subsidiary of the Austrian Standards Institute, and the International Network for Terminology – Termnet.The mission of LICS is to provide independent, third-party certification services for the language industry (translation services, technical documentation, localization and so on). As the first certification body in Europe, LICS has introduced a certification scheme for the European Standard EN 15038:2006 “Translation services – Service requirements” – and is successfully certifying translation service providers in Europe and all over the world. Access to certification by LICS is open to any company, organization and one person enterprises (OPE). At present, LICS is established in Canada, China, Europe and many other countries around the world. For LICS liaison officers and further information please refer to


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