Business Description:

REACH YOUR GLOBAL AUDIENCE EFFECTIVELY. Today, going global is a business imperative, but only by professionally adapting your products to a local language and culture can you successfully expand your markets and maximize your revenue. Translation buyers often are not aware of just how bad poorly localized apps and games can look. Worldwide users do, and this has a huge effect on usability, on the perceived value of the game  and on the company’s brand image. LocalVersion is a tight-knit, high-performance team of senior specialists offering full translation and localization services for macOS, iOS, Windows and all major platforms. Our team has worked together for 20+ years localizing software, documentation and marketing materials for some of the world’s leading software companies.

Industry Specialties:
Software localization, Mac, Apple, iOS, Windows, Android, strings, xliff, po, marketing, EULA, web, games, Crowdin, manuals, software documentation, user documentation, UI, localization testing, localization QA
Language Specialties:
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Arabic, Finnish, Indonesian, Norwegian, Swedish

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08026 Barcelona

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