Business Description:

Founded in 1990, LocTeam is the specialist in Mac and iOS localization. During these years, we have accomplished more than 10,000 Mac localization projects in multiple languages including right-to-left ones, such as Arabic and Hebrew. Regarding iOS localization, we are in the mobile business since the iPhone inception in 2007 and our localized apps amount to more than 300 without including updates or new releases. Due to our deep knowledge of the Mac and iOS environment, we have developed specific tools to speed up and improve the quality of the localization process. We can cut the time-frame for localizing your application by up to 50% while providing the highest possible quality. We know the terminology and style, the tools and processes, the look and feel. Our services include translation, DTP, engineering, testing and QA.


Avda Diagonal 407 – Entlo. 1ª
08008 Barcelona

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