Logrus IT

Logrus IT
Business Description:

Logrus IT is an independent end-to-end provider of enlightened, tightly integrated, customized, agile, cloud-based content creation and transformation solutions. Our feedback-driven, agile approach, relentless pursuit of perfection and unmatched commitment to quality have continued to fulfill and surpass our clients’ expectations since 1993. Today, we uphold the client-centric tradition of delivering elegant, efficient, innovative solutions and providing the best overall value.
Logrus IT excels in the area of complex, diverse, and niche language support services that require both a custom-built infrastructure and serious knowledge of specific areas, such as linguistic and goal-based quality assurance (LQA), source and target terminology, style guide development and maintenance, and others.

Industry Specialties:
it, financial, electronics, retail, entertainment, aviation, industry, marketing, software, games
Language Specialties:
English, Spanish, German, France, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew

70 Addis Drive, Churchville, PA, 18966

United States of America (USA)
+1 (215) 344-1425