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LtoI has consistently been an expert in the localization of the Korean language. With this experience, we are sincerely striving to grow together with our partners through the next decades. Our motto is “There are customers who have not worked with us yet, but no customers work with us just once.” With this in mind, we provide localization services in the following fields: storage, database, IT hard-ware, medical, travel with TEP, MTPE, DTP, marketing, eLearning, UI, UA and more. Moreover, LtoI has been a premium vendor for MLVs and direct clients with competitive and reasonable prices.

Industry Specialties: IT, travel, statistics, life sciences, engineering
Language Specialties: Korean

11, Dangsan-ro 41-gil, Yeongdeungpo-gu
Seoul 07217

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Phone: 82 2 780 0401
Fax: 82 2 783 8401