Luisa Translation Agency

Luisa Translation Agency
Business Description:

The biggest and easily one of the most experienced translation agencies on the Estonian market, Luisa has the resources and skills its needs to find answers to even the most complex questions in our field. Our team of translators and editors includes lawyers, economists, chemists, doctors, biologists, physicists, engineers, psychologists, specialists in IT and banking, teachers and lecturers and of course language specialists – all of them highly educated in their fields and representing 50 different nationalities. Luisa can provide translation and editing services in 50 languages, design and layout services, localisation services for 20 different cultural spaces and interpreting and subtitling services.

Industry Specialties:
Economics, banking, technology, legal, medical, European Union, chemistry, biology
Language Specialties:
English, Russian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Finnish, French and German.

Ahtri 6a
10151 Tallinn

+372 626 4283
+372 626 4280