maramara* taldea

maramara* taldea
Business Description:

Quality translation service:
Our services improve your business: We will translate your website into as many languages as you need. We also translate manuals, technical reports, documents for internal communication, books, reports, publicity, corporate videos, audio-visual material, etc. and we place them in your web page.
Quality is the object of our work: We work according to the ISO 9001 and UNE 15038 regulations on translation services. Moreover, thanks to excellence in management, you will receive your works translated and revised in the shortest time possible. We also apply the confidentiality policy established by the Organic Law on Data Protection.

Industry Specialties:
Environmental, audiovisual, political, legal, financial, construction, medical, metallurgy, media
Language Specialties:
Basque, Spanish, French, English, German, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Catalan, Galician and Portuguese.

Portuetxe bidea 53 A, 109. bulegoa
20018 Donostia, Gipuzkoa (Basque Country)

+34 943 504 206
+34 943 000 125