Meaning Makers

Meaning Makers
Business Description:

Meaning Makers provides a complete translation and localization service specializing in software, videogames technical translation and documentation. We only employ native in country translators and market-leading technology. We strive to help developers and publishers break down geographic, cultural or linguistic obstacles to reach gamers with their titles all over the world. Meaning Makers provides the following services:
Customized project management
Multilingual translation
Software localization
Multilingual desktop publishing (DTP)
Quality assurance

Industry Specialties:
Software, advertising, entertainment, IT, Internet/E-commerce, marketing, tourism, training/education
Language Specialties:
French, Bulgarian, English, Romanian, Italian, Chinese, Finnish, Russian, German, Greek, Slovakian, Spanish, Croatian, Hungarian, Swedish, Czech, Japanese, Thai, Arab, Danish, Korean, Turkish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Portuguese and Polish.

Refor Kalea s/n
01470 Amurrio, Álava