Merrill Brink International

Merrill Brink International
Business Description:

Merrill Brink International, a division of Merrill Corporation, is a leading provider of financial, legal, life sciences and corporate language solutions for global companies. A proven leader with more than 30 years of experience, the company offers a wide range of language solutions including translation, localization and globalization services. Merrill Brink is recognized in the industry for its commitment to quality and its pioneering approach of leveraging technology to reduce costs, eliminate redundant processes and accelerate translation life cycles. One of the world’s largest translation service providers, Merrill Brink has succeeded by continually focusing on quality and helping clients streamline the translation process.

Industry Specialties:
Life sciences, IT, financial, legal, automotive, equipment
Language Specialties:
All languages.

One Merrill Circle
Saint Paul MN 55108-5264