Metafora Translation Services

Metafora Translation Services
Business Description:

Metafora Translation Services was established in 2005 as a translation company targeted at corporate customers. We offer translation services to multiple MLVs and direct clients from all over the world. The company’s staff includes translators, proofreaders, managers, and DTP specialists. To keep up the pace with Kazakhstan’s advancing technology, we use leading-edge TM solutions and industry-specific management solutions for translation agencies, to enable us streamline our processes and make customer relations more transparent.

Industry Specialties:
Automotive, medicinal, pharmaceutical, financial, legal, information technology, consumer products, food processing, oil, gas, technical, engineering, construction, mobile technology, software, hardware
Language Specialties:
Russian, Kazakh, Ukrainian, Uzbek, Kyrghiz, Tajik and Turkmen.

46 Mynbayev St. (corner of Klochkov St.)
Almaty 050057

+7 727 246 5422