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Business Description:

Pangeanic is an independent Spanish LSP with associated offices in Tokyo and Shanghai working for the global enterprise market (major accounts in the electronics and computing fields) as well as for smaller organizations, MLVs, and (cross-)national institutions. We offer a wide range of GILT services always adhering to stringent quality standard procedures – EN15038 & ISO9001 certified. Pangeanic has an experienced team devoted to MTPE (post-editing of machine translation output). PangeaMT, our own customized open-source SMT technology, enables us to offer domain-specific MT engines that are fully tailored to the clients’ needs, helping them become more productive, cost-effectively and rapidly.

Industry Specialties: Consumer electronics, computing, automotive, marketing, finance, medical, life sciences, alternative energies, engineering, tourism
Language Specialties: All Spanish state official languages and variants.

Avenida Cortes Valencianas 26-5, 107
46015 Valencia

Country: SPAIN
Phone: 34 96 338 57 71
Fax: 34 96 338 57 72