Business Description:

Founded in 2000, Pangeanic is an NLP and language services company with offices throughout Europe, Asia, and the USA. We offer a myriad of tech services to extract content and meaning from text. Solutions range from fully tech-enabled to human-in-the-loop and customized to each client’s specifications.

Enterprise, government, and LSP clients can train and clone custom MT engines via our convenient ECO platform. Additionally, we make full use of state-of-the-art CAT tools to automate and accelerate human language translation with a commitment to open-source solutions. Our Cor technology and translation API lets you crawl websites, extract text and manage multilingual publications easily. Pangeanic is a frequent member of EU and national research and development programs.

Pangeanic is a leading provider of intelligent Natural Language Processing services NLP (Deep Adaptive machine translation, anonymization, eDiscovery and Knowledge Discovery), content management, human translation services, data for artificial intelligence systems training, multilingual publishing, software and documentation translation and localization.

Industry Specialties:
Consumer electronics, computing, automotive, marketing, finance, medical, life sciences, alternative energies, engineering, tourism
Language Specialties:
All Spanish state official languages and variants.

Avenida Cortes Valencianas 26-5, 107
46015 Valencia

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