RKT Übersetzungs- und Dokumentations- Gmbh

RKT Übersetzungs- und Dokumentations- Gmbh
Business Description:

We are partners in more than one language. You only have need of contacting one reliable partner for taking care of all your translation orders. You thus save a great deal of time. We process over 95% of all translations directly in-house with our own translating staff. For this reason we can offer you the best quality on a continual basis, an optimal support and especially a very fast reaction to your situation when time is running short.

Industry Specialties:
Mechanical engineering, machine tools, machining centers, electronics, laser technology, EDP, communications, automobile industry, audio/video, wrapping machines, time recording systems, metrology, quality assurance, medical, dental technology, arms technology, plastic processing
Language Specialties:
English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Polish, Slovakian, Rumanian, Finnish, Swedish and Danish.

Dr. Konstantin-Hank-Str. 3
78713 Baden-Württemberg

49 7422 9920-0