Seschat GmbH Typographie und Lokalisierung

Seschat GmbH Typographie und Lokalisierung
Business Description:

Seschat is a well experienced localization and language service provider founded in 1996 in Munich, Germany. We use modern translation technology for high quality translation of software user interface, documentation and online help systems, multimedia applications, websites, marketing assets and more. We develop tools and services to automate localization tasks. For example, we developed a way allowing us to extract text including format information from Photoshop files with text layers as well as to reimport the translated text to PSD. We have the same solution in place for Flash FLA files. And we offer both solutions as services.

Industry Specialties:
IT, multimedia, edutainment, project management, visualization, mind mapping, business process optimization, human resource systems, games, casino games, image editing, graphics
Language Specialties:
German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Arabian, Turkish and Portuguese.

Gewerbestraße 74
82211 Herrsching