SpeakLike Inc.

SpeakLike Inc.
Business Description:

SpeakLike is a web-based human translation platform that saves time, reduces costs, and maintains the quality expected from human translation. SpeakLike’s self-service platform enables fast, transaction-based handling of translation requests by combining front-end integration and scalable crowdsourcing. With the help of thousands of qualified translators around the world, clients can easily conduct business in any language — whether translating email, chat, documents, or any other critical business operation. Further, the SpeakLike Human Translation API and Strings product can easily be integrated into existing content management platforms, making translation simple and cost-effective.

Industry Specialties:
Travel, finance, social media, real estate, medicine, customer service, technology, PR, legal, marketing, consulting, education, business, food, gaming, web, telecommunication, entertainment, energy, research, government, publishing
Language Specialties:
38 languages.

130 W. 25th Street
New York NY 10001