Terminotix Inc.

Terminotix Inc.
Business Description:

Terminotix is a Canadian company dedicated to the development of software geared to the day-to-day realities of translators, terminologists and managers offering a software suite to meet your needs or complement your existing translation memory and full-text software. We offer the most powerful alignment tool on the market; a web-based search engine for terminology, bitexts, full-text and user-reference database; a web extension module for read-only access; translation, terminology, conversion and analysis tools; a bilingual term extraction tool; and an online bilingual concordance service of past translations. Contact us for more information on AlignFactory, AlignFactoryLight, LogiTermWeb, Web extension module, SynchroTerm, YouAlign and TransSearch.


2053 Jeanne-d’Arc Ave
Montréal ON H1W 3Z4

+1 514 989-9465
+1 514 932-3129