The TransHome

The TransHome
Business Description:

Transhome is a translation and localization agency specializing in native language translation and offers more than 120 world languages including native Arabic, Spanish, English, French and a number of other native languages. Founded in 2008, the company aims to keep quality, accurate native language translation accessible by promising below market word rates. We started out as a legal translation agency in Egypt. Transhome now has branches in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Egypt and works with popular names, including — U.S. Embassy, British Embassy, Microsoft, IBM, Siemens and Danone. Reach out to us for a free quote by phone, email, a quick Facebook message or follow our social media page and channel on LinkedIn and Youtube.

Industry Specialties:
Automotive, education, IT, software, human resources, medical, lifestyle, travel, pharma, and more
Language Specialties:
Arabic, English, French, Irish, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Urdu, German, and other Asian, European, and Middle Eastern Languages

35 Mohy ElDeen, AbuElezz St

+2 01122 339 300/ +971 522 41 3311