Business Description:

Transaption offers transcription, translation, interpretation, caption, subtitling, & voiceover services with a focus on excellent quality and best pricing. Transaption is an online based professional transcription, translation, interpretation & caption services company with 18-24 hours turnaround time plus we offer competitive pricing, which saves time, money and creates a flexible workplace for getting things done. Our prices are low to remain competitive and, of course, to get the business. We pride ourselves on being prompt, organized and precise in all translation, transcription, & caption work we undertake, whether it’s Legal transcription, Medical transcription, Business transcription, Property(Trade-mark, copyrights, patents)transcription or Medical translation,& Legal translation.

Industry Specialties:
Translation Services, Transcription Services, Interpretation Services, Voice-Over Services, Captioning, Sub-titling Services
Language Specialties:
Spanish, French, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, German, Italian, and all other languages.

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United States of America (USA)