Transarabizers: Arabic Transaltion & Localisation Services

Transarabizers: Arabic Transaltion & Localisation Services
Business Description:

Let’s be honest and cut through all the Arabic translation fluff. You’re all about your business and you need to find your unique voice in the Arab world. You need an Arabic translator who delivers Arabic translation that works. Ready to go after what you want? Bottom line, that’s what I do & you are in the right place. I’m an Egyptian woman in my 30s passionate about language since childhood. I was born in Egypt & raised up in Qatar until I was 11 then returned back to Egypt i.e. I live & breathe MSA Arabic as well as Gulf & Egyptian dialects/ cultures! I translate from English to Arabic & specialize in legal, UN & EU affairs, as well as general & documentary translations since 2006. Neither a Freelancer nor an Agency! But you are dealing with what is best in both Worlds!

Industry Specialties:
Arabic L10n, Arabic Localisation, Arabic UI/UX, Arabic Legal Linguist, EU & UN Translator & Linguist, Arabic Transcreation
Language Specialties:
English, Arabic MSA, Arabic Gulf, Arabic EG

Cairo, Egypt