transcription services us

transcription services us
Business Description:

We are a professional and innovative transcription service company. Our business experience enables us to promptly understand our client requirements. Transcription services are the voice to text conversion of interviews, conference calls, business speeches, discussions, lectures, briefings, and more. Our popular transcription services include those for audio, video, legal, interview, and media transcriptions. We charge rates starting at $0.70/min. We have gained expertise in providing translation services for more than 100 major languages all over the world for fixed starting at $17.50/page. Our team is comprised of professional translators and native linguists who are trained and experienced in handling the toughest of translation jobs.

Industry Specialties:
Audio transcription, video transcription, media transcription, book Translation, certificate translation, document translation
Language Specialties:
English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Chinese, Hindi and more

4444 Germanna HWY
Suite 365
Locust Grove, VA 22508.

United States of America (USA)