Business Description:

Founded in 1974 and conveniently located in the center of the United States, Transimpex has established an excellent reputation by providing quality translations worldwide. Owned by Doris Ganser, a translator with a degree in translation (U. Mainz), the Transimpex network comprises hundreds of professional translators, interpreters, graphic artists, writers, editors, narrators, desktop publishers and specialists in foreign language communications for most world languages and disciplines, with a possibility to call upon hundreds to handle large volume rush jobs quickly and efficiently. Doris is multilingual, a former director/officer of the ATA & the Intl. Trade Council of Greater Kansas City (ITC), former Editor ITC Reporter; founder of MICATA. Senior Editor IBNews (intl. business news)

Industry Specialties:
Legal, patents, trademarks, medical, instruments, bacteriology, health care, engineering, intl. tenders, electrical, electronics, avionics, mechanical, machinery, tools, iron and steelmaking, chemical, veterinary, agriculture, lifestock, feed, pharmaceutical, microbiology, toxicology, advertising, PR, food, gastronomy, commercial, international trade, travel, transportation, banking, financial, printing, publishing, graphic arts, software, history, genealogy, Sütterlin, interpreting equipment
Language Specialties:
German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, English, Dutch, Danish, Russian, Polish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, All Others

2300 Main
Kansas City MO 64108

United States of America (USA)