TurkishScript Turkish Translation Company

TurkishScript Turkish Translation Company
Business Description:

At TurkishScript, our translators are always native Turkish and located in Turkey. This ensures the right usage of the most state-of-the-art vocabulary. Our Turkish translator handling your translation project will have worked on comparable Turkish language translation job placements previously. They will be qualified in the subject field they are handling translation in, along with being aware of related glossary in both the original and target language. Whether your translation job is less than 100 words or greater than 10,000, TurkishScript can produce a quick and accurate translation into Turkish language from a mother tongue Turkish translator.

Industry Specialties:
All sectors of engineering, medical, legal, financial, agriculture, life sciences, food &amp, beverage, leisure, travel &amp, tourism, electronics, IT, media, automotive, transportation, military, telecommunications, environment, aeronautics, education, government
Language Specialties:
Turkish, English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish and Russian.

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