Voice & Script International (VSI)

Voice & Script International (VSI)
Business Description:

VSI is a unique London-based company, offering clients a complete foreign-language versioning service entirely in-house. We provide subtitling and dubbing services to broadcasters, distributors and production companies. At present we have offices in the UK, the Netherlands, Egypt, Israel, France, Spain and Italy; our worldwide presence ensures that we understand the cultural requirements of the countries in whose language we work and we are often asked by our clients on how best to proceed with certain projects taking into account cultural sensitivities.
We offer the broadest range of services for foreign language versioning, most of which is handled in-house, such as: transcription of rushes; script translation; subtitling for video; DVD and broadcast; voiceovers and dubbing; in-vision signing for the deaf; interpreters and language supervisors; and website translation and localization.


128-132 Cleveland Street
London W1T 6AB

020 7692 7700
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