Vendors & Organizations: Automated Translation

Automotive, technical, legal
Arabic, German, Russian and Turkish.
eCommerce, software, technology, health, nutrition, elearning, legal, M&amp,A dilligence support, government
Software, other domains
English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
Mining, aerospace engineering, ironworks, environmental engineering, textile, art, carbon credits, reforestation, automotive, sports, medicine, literature, legal, telecommunications, finance, mechanical engineering, industrial, civil service, marketing, communication
Portuguese, English, Spanish, German and Chinese.
Business, law, engineering, IT, software, computer games, medicine
Russian, English, German, Ukrainian, CIS and Baltic languages.
Banking, life sciences, engineering, manufacturing, telecommunications, public administration, insurance, travel
All languages.
Information technology, automotive, engineering, education, energy, life sciences, travel, leisure, telecommunication, media, entertainment
More than 25 languages, including European, Scandinavian, CEE and Asian languages.
High technology/IT, finance, manufacturing, legal/M&amp,A, energy, consumer retail
More than 100 languages.
Engineering, automotive, medical, fuel technologies, industrial design, product safety, verification, validation
English, German, Finnish, Polish and Chinese.