Vendors & Organizations: Automated Translation

Industry Specialties: Automotive, technical, legal
Language Specialties: Arabic, German, Russian and Turkish.
Industry Specialties: eCommerce, software, technology, health, nutrition, elearning, legal, M&amp,A dilligence support, government
Industry Specialties: Software, other domains
Language Specialties: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
Industry Specialties: legal,general,documents
Language Specialties: Arabic,urdu nd english
Website: http://nil
Industry Specialties: Mining, aerospace engineering, ironworks, environmental engineering, textile, art, carbon credits, reforestation, automotive, sports, medicine, literature, legal, telecommunications, finance, mechanical engineering, industrial, civil service, marketing, communication
Language Specialties: Portuguese, English, Spanish, German and Chinese.
Industry Specialties: Business, law, engineering, IT, software, computer games, medicine
Language Specialties: Russian, English, German, Ukrainian, CIS and Baltic languages.
Industry Specialties: Engineering, automotive, medical, fuel technologies, industrial design, product safety, verification, validation
Language Specialties: English, German, Finnish, Polish and Chinese.
Industry Specialties: ERP, in particular SAP
Language Specialties: European languages.