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Industry Specialties: IT, software, hardware, electronics, telecommunications, mdical, pharmaceutical, sports, gambling, casino, poker, engineering, industrial, technical, business, market research
Language Specialties: English, French, German and Greek.
Industry Specialties: Localization
Industry Specialties: Video production, education
Language Specialties: French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Hebrew and more.
Industry Specialties: Medical, IT, website/ecommerce, tourism, more
Language Specialties: All European languages, Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, Arabic and Hindi.
Industry Specialties: ERP, CRM, IT, medical, legal, engineering
Language Specialties: Italian, English and Spanish.
Industry Specialties: Marketing, Life Sciences, Medical, Legal, Technical, Manufacturing, Financial, Consumer Products
Language Specialties: Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Arabic, Kurdish, Haitian Creole, Cape Verdean Creole, Thai, Bahasa, Hindi, Bengali, Turkish, Dutch, Polish, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Punjabi, Javanese, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu
Industry Specialties: Mentoring, networking, continuing education, opportunities, thought leadership
Language Specialties: More than 50 languages.
Industry Specialties: Content management systems
Language Specialties: Spanish, Russian and German.
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Industry Specialties: Outbound and inbound call center services in the Phillipines
Industry Specialties: Marketing ,Technology,Financial,Healthcare Legal
Language Specialties: English,Kannada
Industry Specialties: Advertising & PR, academic, business, finance, insurance companies, law, editing & translation of books.
Language Specialties: Hebrew, English, Spanish, Arabic, German, French, Italian and more.
Industry Specialties: Transcription
Language Specialties: Arabic passport translation, Japanese passport translation, Chinese passport translation,Korean passport translation