Vendors & Organizations: Call Centers

Industry Specialties: bpo
Language Specialties: english
Industry Specialties: Legal, property management, medical
Language Specialties: Spanish, English
Language Specialties: Spanish and 100 languages
Industry Specialties: Medical, Legal, Human Services, Business Marketing and Technical Translations
Language Specialties: More than 15 languages and dialects
Industry Specialties: All industries
Language Specialties: More than 100 languages and dialects.
Industry Specialties: Travel, Health Care, Market Research, Collection, Corporate, Order Taking, Interpretation
Language Specialties: English
Industry Specialties: Content translation, localization: Hospitality, education, legal, marketing materials, Spanish media transcription, subtitling, Tier 1, Tier 2 level support, content moderation, copywriting, data entry, web research
Language Specialties: Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.
Industry Specialties: Banking, insurance, utilities, public services, travel, transportation, entertainment, e-Commerce
Language Specialties: Include English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German, Dutch and Turkish.
Industry Specialties: Medical, healthcare, court, legal, housing associations, government, EMS
Language Specialties: Over 100 languages
Language Specialties: Greek and English.
Industry Specialties: Telecommunication, automotive, food, eCommerce & retail, travel, finance, education, real estate, utilities, healthcare
Language Specialties: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Dutch, Croatian, Bulgarian, Polish, Danish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian
Industry Specialties: Transcription
Language Specialties: Arabic passport translation, Japanese passport translation, Chinese passport translation,Korean passport translation
Industry Specialties: Medical, e-commerce
Language Specialties: Spanish and French.
Industry Specialties: Call centers automation, mobile devices, industrial automation process, voice portals
Language Specialties: Spanish, Catalan, Basque, Gallician, Portuguese, English, French and the phonetical variants in South American countries of Spanish.
Industry Specialties: Technical, game, business, market research, machine
Language Specialties: Other languages and Vietnamese
Industry Specialties: Medical, Travel, Technical, Real estate, Telemarketing, Virtual assistance
Language Specialties: English, French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Albanian, Chinese, Canadian French, Dutch, Danish, Filipino, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, etc.
Language Specialties: Most major languages.
Industry Specialties: Medical, police, EMS, insurance, call centers, pharmacy, financial, hospitality, utilities, government
Language Specialties: Over 100 languages.