Vendors & Organizations: Language Learning

IT, marketing, tourism, legal, medicine
Slovene, English, German, Croatian, Serbian, Italian, French, Hungarian and Polish.
Automotive, medical, financial, legal, technical, trademarks
Latvian, Russian, Estonian and Lithuanian.
Medical equipment manuals, clinical trials, business law, electrical engineering, software localization
Translation and interpreting services from English, French, Italian into Romanian.
Business, engineering, financial, energy, legal, patents, medical, pharmaceuticals, IT, telecom, marketing, human resources, education, scientific, construction, automotive, aviation
Training, military, government, educational, medical
Arabic, Pashto, Dari, French, Indonesian, Chinese and English.
Engineering, technical, medical, finance, education, humanities, social sciences, transportation
Arabic, French, English, German, Russian, Italian, Hindi, Urdu, Swahili, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, Turkish and Bulgarian.
Technical, legal, medical, marine, television production
English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Thai, Russian, Croatian, Polish, Chinese and Japanese.
Automotive, medical, financial, legal, tourism, energy, engineering, manufacturing, retail, food, elearning
More than 20 languages.
Technical, medical, pharmaceutical, economy, finance, law, media, architecture, construction, telecommunications, IT&amp,C
Over 20 language combinations, including CEE and Romanian.
Legal, technologies, business, finance, medicine, advertising, communications, PR, transport, computer hardware, software, science, agriculture
  Latvian, Lithuanian, Finno-Ugric, Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Slavic, Russian, Polish and Czech.
Legal, medical, engineering, insurance, financial, hi-tech, pharmaceutical, construction, international business, education, automotive, aeronomics, scientific
Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Finnish, Danish, Romanian, Ukranian, Russian, Lithuanian, Czech, Serbian, Croatian, Greek, Turkish, Slovak, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Lao, Hmong, Indonesian, Malay, Tagalog, Arabic, Hebrew, Swahili, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, Farsi, Somali and Afrikaans.
Healthcare, financial services, government, telecom, packaged goods, insurance, travel
170 languages.
Advertising, agriculture, business, ecology, environmental, education, entertainment, insurance, legal, life sciences, manufacturing, medical, pharmaceutical, political, retail, technical, software
Chinese, Portuguese and Spanish.
Legal, financial, industry, technical, manufacturing, medical, automotive