Vendors & Organizations: Multilingual Software

Industry Specialties: Any industrial sector
Language Specialties: More than 50 languages
Industry Specialties: Automotive, broadcasting, chemical manufacturing, construction, electronics, finance, food, beverage, healthcare, insurance, leisure, hospitality, machinery manufacturing, mining, museums, oil, gas, plastics, rubber manufacturing, publishing, utilities
Language Specialties: More than 60 languages.
Industry Specialties: Accounting, ERP systems
Language Specialties: Arabic, Chinese: both Simple and Traditional, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Thai.
Industry Specialties: Electronics, hardware, software, automotive, medical, life sciences, engineering, marketing, business, economics
Language Specialties: Spanish, English, German, French and Italian.
Industry Specialties: Marketing, information technology, medical / life sciences, software, telecommunications, consumer products, defense, electronics, energy, engineering, entertainment, environmental, fashion, finance, government, healthcare, higher education, hospitality, internet / ecommerce, legal, logistics, manufacturing, oil, real estate, safety, social sciences, games, multimedia, sports, tourism, training / education
Language Specialties: All Asian languages.
Industry Specialties: Engineering, medical, supply chain, software