XLOC, Inc.

XLOC, Inc.
Business Description:

XLOC is a proprietary suite of web-based localization applications and tools that manage the asset integration and build process across all games, regardless of development structure, format or platform. XLOC provides an easy and ideal solution for producers, developers and QA engineers. By automating the processes, XLOC saves time, reduces development risks and lowers maintenance and translation costs. Localization and studio producers get detailed insight and control over all facets of the process, enabling them to focus on the higher details of managing the localization effort. Additionally, XLOC’s custom integration and translation packages provide your QA and developers with ongoing parallel-localized game files so there should be no surprises when trying to create foreign skus.

Industry Specialties:
Emphasis is in the video game industry but localization processes can be applied to any industry with consistently changing assets that need to be tracked in multiple languages
Language Specialties:
All languages supported.

712 Presnell Ct.
Raleigh NC 27615