Yamagata Europe

Yamagata Europe
Business Description:

Yamagata Europe is the new name of Ycomm Europe, a daughter company of Japanese printing group Yamagata Corporation. The change of name, which brings various sister companies in Europe, South-East Asia, China and the United States under a single banner, corresponds with the hundredth anniversary of the Japanese mother company. Dedicated project management, knowledgeable and experienced staff, and the necessary flexibility in methods and tools are Yamagata’s added values, as it has always striven for ever-higher quality. Yamagata Europe is a proactive company that does not wait for problems to force it to develop solutions. It strives continuously for improvement in its workflows and development of new concepts. In this respect, Yamagata developed the innovative software application QA Distiller that makes it possible to carry out automated quality controls of translations and translation memories.

Industry Specialties:
Automotive, consumer electronics, office automation, camera, hardware/software, IT, construction machinery
Language Specialties:
All European and Asian languages.

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