A Look Into the Human Side of Localization

SPONSORED: We’re now over a year out from the start of the pandemic and one thing is clear: it was a historic time for business. The pandemic fast-tracked digital trends, making remote work the norm and ultimately blurring the lines between personal and professional lives. 

As the coronavirus forced people into this digital-only way of life, many of us found ourselves craving connection. With a profound lack of physical presence, it became important for businesses, including those in the localization industry, to infuse virtual experiences with a more human touch.

Uniting People Through Language
While it’s important for LSPs to connect clients to their audiences, it’s equally important to connect as an industry and talk through important issues. The demand for authenticity, empathy, and social consciousness at work has never been stronger. And we cannot be shy about voicing our concerns, stressors, and challenges.

LocLife™, an online event series hosted by Acclaro, provides an interactive platform to do just that. Exploring the human side of localization, each session brings together industry insiders and the business community at large to share stories about personal and professional challenges and successes, trends, and the future of localization. It’s become a true community, giving self-proclaimed “LocLifers” the chance to connect over the real-world impact of personal, societal, and industry issues.

A Welcoming Community. Engaging Conversations.
From professional development to diversity to leadership experiences, LocLife™ topics spark inspiring conversations among localization novices and experts alike. Take a recent session on expatriation and immigration-related challenges. Panelist Alessia Felici, head of localization at IKEA, mentioned a feeling of longing that accompanies global living, which happens to coincide with what many have felt throughout the pandemic. “Wherever I am, there is always somebody I miss, a place I miss — a dish, a smell, a color, a perfume — because I can’t have it all in the same place,” Alessia said.

Another human element of business that often does not come up in conversation is diversity, especially among the LGBTQ+ community. At a LocLife™ session centered on the topic, Patrick Chew, internationalization manager at Change.org, noted, “Without any overt assurances like safe spaces, ambassadors, or externally visible affirmations, people are going to err on the side of being a little bit more cautious.” 

The LocLife™ community is striving to become that safe space full of ambassadors where people can find affirmation and belonging.

Perhaps the most inspiring session to date focused on gender equality and featured localization leaders sharing spectacular insights on how we can continually learn from each other, achieve work/life balance, and stay motivated in our careers.

Carrie Fischer, manager of globalization services at Subway, said, “Show everyone that you have just as much right to lead as anyone else. Don’t let anyone else’s opinion of you keep you from becoming everything that you want to be. Find your people. Find the ones who support you. Encourage you. Mentor you. If you don’t have people, I’ll be your people. And I bet every one of the ladies on this panel will be your people. Connections are your strongest ally.”

A New Normal With a Human Touch
With the possibility of life soon returning to some kind of normal, let’s not lose sight of the importance of nurturing the human side of business. Businesses that lead with empathy will deliver meaningful experiences that build lasting relationships with their customers and employees. And companies that focus on fostering a genuine feeling of human connection will create safe, fulfilling workplaces for their employees.

That’s what LocLife™ is all about. Join this community of industry insiders and take part in insightful discussions. We hope you’ll join us at the next session on Thursday, April 22 at 12:15 EDT as we tackle the topic of ageism in our personal and professional lives. You’ll feel like you’re a part of something big — because you are. 

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