Editorial Submissions

For more than 30 years, MultiLingual has been the primary source for in-depth news and information about the language industry.

We welcome the submission of clear, interesting and helpful pieces directed toward business users, software developers, localization managers, translators, and others interested in multilingual issues. For news submissions and press releases, please submit information here. For the print magazine, we encourage interested parties to query the editor well in advance of deadlines; full-length, already-written, previously unpublished, and nonpromotional articles may also be considered. If you’re emailing, please include “editorial query” in the subject line of your email so we don’t miss it.

We publish the following types of editorial content in the magazine:


Perspectives and opinion pieces are included before general content with a different layout. Readers look to this section to be aware of developing hot debate topics such as fair pay, human parity in MT/AI, and others.


We have regular columnists, but welcome the submission of guest perspectives: 1,200-2,000 word opinion pieces on a pertinent localization or language topic. We sometimes run guest series as well as one-time pieces.


The News section of the magazine is typically gleaned from qualified press releases and announcements that were submitted to us.

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Cover profiles and additional profiles consist of original photos and an in-depth interview conducted by our Editor-in-Chief. If you’re interested in being profiled, or know of someone who might be interested, please contact the editor.

General Articles

Also 1,500 to 3,500 words in length, these can be on any language industry-related topic. As with Focus articles, they should offer background facts, insights and specific examples, and be easily understood by readers who may not have a working knowledge of the subject material. We sometimes publish case studies, but always from client rather than vendor perspectives.


Reviews of books or products should range from approximately 700 to 3,000 words. Reviews should include graphics, provide basic information about the product or book, delineate its main or unique features and evaluate its usefulness. MultiLingual selects reviewers and review subjects, but please contact us if you are interested in being part of either.
The review should address or discuss:

  • The product’s technical requirements (operating systems, hardware and so on)
  • A comparative analysis with other products if applicable or appropriate
  • A target group who would find the product or book useful
  • The writer’s evaluation of the product or book

The reviewer should not be associated with the company whose product is being reviewed and should not be reimbursed by the company for writing the review. Product reviews also must include the product name, version, languages supported, platform, technical requirements, developer and the price in US dollars (and euros if applicable). Book reviews should include pricing and publication information. We publish one or two reviews in most issues.

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Graphics and Writer Information

Graphics and illustrations, including screen shots, graphs/charts, photos and so on, can enhance an article and help make technical points clearer. Graphics should be submitted with the article in high-resolution TIFF, PICT, JPG, PDF, EPS or BMP format.

All final submissions should be accompanied by a brief writer biography. In addition, we request a head-and-shoulders picture of the author to accompany the article. The photo should be at least 300 dpi, since low-resolution photos do not print well. Authors should also include a mailing address where we can send copies of the magazine. Authors of published articles and reviews will receive several complimentary copies of the magazine.

→ Graphic Guidelines

Publication Rights

MultiLingual Media LLC, acquires first world publication rights of the articles it accepts, including the right to publish in the magazine, on our website and other places and formats as appropriate. While we do not accept reprints or previously published articles, we can discuss the possibility of using a revised or updated article dealing with a topic that the author has written about before. We also are willing to discuss the possibility of granting the author or other publications permission to use the published MultiLingual article elsewhere. We look forward to hearing from you.