Argos Multilingual Unveils the AI Maturity Model

San Francisco (CA), May 23, 2024 Argos Multilingual, a global content solutions market leader, has unveiled the Argos AI Maturity Model, or AIMM. The model...

Acolad Expands Team With Top Industry Talent

Acolad, a leader in language and content solutions, bolsters its leadership team with industry veterans Pavel Soukenik and Mark Kelly.

DeepL announces $300 million investment at $2 billion valuation

With a focus on continued product development and global expansion, DeepL aims to empower companies to communicate seamlessly across languages.

John Snow Labs Achieves New State-of-the-Art Medical LLM Accuracy Benchmarks

The accuracy of John Snow Labs' medical LLM surpasses top models on the Open Medical LLM leaderboard with its advanced AI solutions for healthcare.

Acolad Appoints Manchandan Kaur Sandhu to Lead Life Sciences Unit

Acolad appoints industry veteran Manchandan Kaur Sandhu to lead its Life Sciences unit, driving growth across Europe, North America, and APAC.

Wondercraft launches “Parrot Mode” to help brands produce perfect audio ads

Collaborative tools streamline the creative process, while a vast resource library offers endless creative options.

Three-quarters of enterprises now localizing training content

RWS research reveals that 73% of global enterprises are localizing training content, with 50% planning to increase localization efforts.

XTRF Launches Enhanced XTM Cloud Integration, Vendor Management, and Invoicing for...

XTM International launches XTRF 9.9, offering enhanced integration between XTRF and XTM Cloud, improved vendor management, and invoicing capabilities.

Bolingo Consult’s Children’s Book Series Approved for Schools in Ghana

The Ami Series, a children’s book on environment and climate change, has been approved as supplementary material for Basic 1-3 levels in Ghana.