The Imperative of Accessibility in Multimedia Localization

Why is it that, in an industry breaking barriers for people with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds, the same cannot be said for those with different abilities?

How to Talk to Business Leaders About Translation Needs

Armed with the right insights and information, you can communicate the necessity of developing and executing a translation strategy to bolster business by providing the best customer service in any language.

How to Create a Realistic Language Access Plan

Here’s what you need to know about legal rights afforded to consumers and the factors you should consider in putting together a language access plan.

Child Interpreters: A True Story

The closest substitute for a professional interpreter in many language-barrier situations is the use of child interpreters.

The Linguistic Service Sector Between Rhetoric and Reality

It is crucial to abandon a falsely optimistic narrative often used for marketing purposes. While the linguistic sector might have a bright future, the benefits will not be evenly distributed.

The Secret to Effective Translation

Many companies continue to miss the mark when it comes to the translation of their content. Whether the translation is too literal or just not engaging in the other language, businesses are left scratching their heads as to why they can't fully "tap into" the markets of other languages.

The Cost of Inaccessibility: Why event organizers must prioritize accessibility for...

Despite technological advancements and increased awareness, the events industry still has a considerable distance to cover when it comes to accessibility.

Aligning Values: Fostering productivity and efficiency in the age of the...

A smart company features a flexible management and working style that emphasizes a healthy work-life balance.

A problem with words? The trials of natural language

We spend our life continually learning new words and how to use them. This enables us to make our lives more successful and enjoyable. Who could not love words? My answer to this question is: anyone performing localization or translation of natural language!

Perspective: ATA opposes Oregon SB 584

ATA recently submitted a letter in opposition to Oregon Senate Bill 584, which would task the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) with setting up a web-based platform for scheduling and paying health care interpreters in Oregon.

Perspective: I support Oregon Senate Bill 584

On March 1, 2023, the American Translators Association (ATA) informed its membership that it had written to the Oregon legislature expressing its opposition to...

How AI Tools Will Make Global Communication Better for Everyone

Generative AI tools have arrived, quite loudly, onto center stage. What's most exciting about these new shining stars capturing the attention of so many people lately is that they will likely make global communication better for everyone in the long run.

The future of branding (for LSPs)

The Dec. 6 edition of The New York Times was bought in its entirety by General Electric (GE) in a first-ever bid to rethink...

Lessons learned in times of Covid

Inspired by and modeled after Barry Slaughter Olsen’s piece of a similar title, with his blessing, I give you another Covid transition, another set of lessons worth sharing as we move to the “post” phase and see which new opportunities are here for the long-term and which were temporary.

Employee experience: the new company-health barometer?

Customer experience has long been touted as the ultimate barometer for the health of companies, but isn’t the employee experience just as foundational to business performance? Improving your brand or product and building a strong customer experience certainly requires the support of your employees.

A conversation with Comunica Translations’ Tina Julsgaard

We here at MultiLingual certainly don't know of anyone more qualified to pick their peers' brains, so in this guest post, reader Nicolás Maximiliano Martín Fontana of Xing decided to interview colleague Tina Julsgaard of Comunica Translations.

What are languages? A primary student’s perspective

Languages are powerful weapons which are used as a mode of communication to express our thoughts. It is a way by which humans communicate with each other and build relationships by expressing ourselves through speech and writing. Language is a vital part of human connection.

What niche skills make your job easier?

Have you also found that, very often, it is not your basic educational credentials but specialized niche skills that can make the biggest difference professionally?

New Year celebrations around the world

Historians estimate civilizations around the world have been commemorating the New Year for about 4,000 years. Humans developed increasingly sophisticated calendars, typically pinning the first day of the year to an agricultural or astronomical event.

Conference to Highlight Language Access Issues in Arizona

Arizona State University (ASU) is slated to host a nationwide conference for translation and interpretation professionals later this month, with a particular emphasis on...

How will Meta manage its multilingual experience?

For a product designed to unite the world in work and play, how will Meta handle localization and intercultural interactions? MultiLingual has covered the benefits and pitfalls of social media localization extensively. How much more involved will the translation of an entire virtual platform be?

Things we can learn from Saint Jerome on International Translation Day

While International Translation Day (ITD) on September 30 has become a well-known fixture on the rotation of our annual translation calendar, it's a relatively...

Letters to the editor: rebuttal to Jaap van der Meer

We, the authors of this letter to the editor of MultiLingual, have thought about Jaap van der Meer’s article in the July-August issue of...

Fix PRO Act and Reaffirm what California Got Right

MultiLingual invites opinion pieces such as this one from our readers. To share your ideas please contact Have you heard of the federal PRO...