Breaking down changes to video relay service industry

The American video relay service industry is about to expereince dramatic changes for companies in the space following new FCC rules.

Lack of interpreters hampers western efforts to train Ukrainian military

Germany and its allies are struggling to train Ukrainian soldiers on donated military hardware due to a severe shortage of qualified interpreters, according to...

New WIRED video pits humans against AI interpreters

The latest WIRED video breaks down the strengths and limitations of AI interpretation versus human interpreters.

Top four highest-paying jobs for interpreters

Figuring out which career path will be the most rewarding regarding finances isn’t exactly the most straightforward task in the book. And for qualified and experienced interpreters, there’s no exception to that rule.

Oregon senate bill generates debate among interpreters, LSPs, labor organizers

If passed into law, the bill would require the Oregon Health Authority to create a centralized online scheduling portal for healthcare providers that participate in the Oregon Health Plan or Medicaid to book and pay healthcare interpreters directly.

Interpreters Unlimited spreads Christmas cheer with NORAD

To spread the holiday cheer even further, NORAD and Interpreters Unlimited have partnered up to offer NORAD Tracks Santa in eight languages, making it more accessible to kids from different linguistic backgrounds.

US mental health crisis may be harder for individuals with limited...

According to a report from Centro SOL, many mental health clinicians in the state of Maryland are not providing language access services, making it more difficult for children and adolescents to receive the proper treatment.  

NYC Marathon winner brings sports interpreting into the spotlight

When Evans Chebet won the New York City (NYC) Marathon this month, he became the first man in more than a decade to win...

Canadian interpreter’s workplace injury highlights on-the-job health risks

Although interpreting is far from the most dangerous job out there, it does present health risks — from acoustic shock to ergonomic injuries — that are somewhat unique to the profession.

GPT-3 and DALL-E 2 on interpreting

This post, originally posted by Claudio Fantinuoli of KUDO, was written entirely by the GPT-3 AI without any editing. GPT-3 is a language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text. Illustrated by Dalle-2, an AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

Colorado is making it easier to vote for residents with limited...

The state’s Language Assistance Hotline, launched Oct. 17, allows speakers of Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, and Taiwanese to call a hotline that will provide them with live interpretations of their ballot.

ISO publishes revised, more collaborative international standard for RSI technology

Expanding upon the 2020 version of the standard, the newly published standard is more than twice as long, laying out requirements for interpreters, speakers, and platform providers to ensure that images and audio transmitted between them are conveyed accurately and cleanly.