Haitian Linguists Working in Dire Conditions Need Your Help

When people picture a fully remote freelance job, images of relaxed working conditions often come to mind. But language contractors working in beleaguered Haiti regularly face dangerous situations and unreliable infrastructure.

Translators bridge international gaps at Methodist conference

It’s been a busy few days for the United Methodist Church — days that wouldn’t be possible without the help of some dedicated translators. 

Professional Interpretation vs. AI Speech Translation: Different Solutions for Different Problems

The nature of translation at international events places a premium on instantaneous and precise interpretations. But can AI meet this demand consistently?

AIJIC Alleges Court Interpreter Identity Theft in California Lawsuit

The Association of Independent Judicial Interpreters of California is suing One Call for allegedly stealing interpreter names and credentials. 

New Products From Samsung and Timekettle Make AI Simultaneous Interpretation Accessible

Samsung's latest smartphones will feature a “Live Translate” function, and Timekettle introduced a handheld device for meeting interpretation.

Child Interpreters: A True Story

The closest substitute for a professional interpreter in many language-barrier situations is the use of child interpreters.

Breaking down changes to video relay service industry

The American video relay service industry is about to expereince dramatic changes for companies in the space following new FCC rules.

Lack of interpreters hampers western efforts to train Ukrainian military

Germany and its allies are struggling to train Ukrainian soldiers on donated military hardware due to a severe shortage of qualified interpreters, according to...

New WIRED video pits humans against AI interpreters

The latest WIRED video breaks down the strengths and limitations of AI interpretation versus human interpreters.