1. Who owns MultiLingual?
MultiLingual magazine is the flagship product of the company MultiLingual Media, which also produces newsletters, podcasts, publishing services, a YouTube channel, and more. Founded as MultiLingual Computing. in 1987, the company changed hands in 2001 and again in 2020 when Nimdzi Insights bought the assets and revived the business as MultiLingual Media.

2. Where do I get a subscription?
Many people are first introduced to MultiLingual magazine at college, university, or at an industry conference, where subscriptions are often shared for free. Other than that, anyone can subscribe from anywhere at multilingual.com/subscribe. The magazine is sent in print to more than 80 countries worldwide.

3. How often is the magazine published?
MultiLingual magazine is published monthly in 2022, adding up to 12 issues. Previously, the magazine was published bimonthly (6x/yr) and eight times plus the annual directory (9x/yr). Recent success and an increasing need for timely information have enabled us to publish monthly for the first time in 2022 and we hope to continue this frequency.

4. How long before I get my copy?
If you subscribe at least ten days before the magazines are shipped (see “mail date” on our calendar) you should be included in the mailing list. Please allow 1-3 weeks after the mail date for US destinations and up to 6 weeks for international destinations.

5. How do I change my address?
You may manage your subscription details including address information, recurring payments, and renewals at multilingual.com/subscriber-services, or email subscriptions@multilingual.com with your request.

6. How can I submit an article?
We welcome the submission of clear, interesting, and helpful pieces directed toward business users, software developers, localization managers, translators, and others interested in multilingual issues. For the print magazine, we encourage interested parties to query the editor well in advance of deadlines; full-length, already-written, previously unpublished, and nonpromotional articles may also be considered. Please send article pitches to editor@multilingual.com. To read our full editorial guidelines, go to multilingual.com/editorial-submissions.

7. I heard you publish press releases for free, is that really true?
Absolutely. If you have already written a press release, we will include it in our news cycle and our Weekly Digest. If you need writing assistance, our editorial team can write your press release for you for a flat fee. Please submit your press releases here. Keeping us updated on your company’s progress also gives us a reason to consider investing resources in broader coverage of your company or the people in it.

8. Who does your design?
Antonella Tiezzi is a very talented young woman in Cordoba, Argentina, and we feel lucky to have her on the team. She has brought the visual quality of our publication and website up to the standards that you’d expect from major publications such as The Atlantic, Wired, or Inc.

9. What happened to the Resource Directory?
The Resource Directory & Index was an annual publication of thousands of language services and tools providers worldwide. This was the original concept that helped the founder get MultiLingual off the ground in the 1980’s and was continued through 2015. It’s now available online at languageco.com (previously called Vendors & Organizations at multilingual.com/VO).

10. Where is MultiLingual located?
Sandpoint, Idaho, United States. MultiLingual’s headquarters are located in an old office on 319 North First Avenue, Suite #2. Sandpoint is a beautiful mountain town with a lake and ski area that was named America’s most beautiful small town in USA today, and we agree! Employees, freelancers, and board members are spread across Seattle, WA, Los Angeles, CA, New York City, NY, and other countries such as Argentina, Poland, Japan, Ireland, and more. The publisher and editor-in-chief are both Sandpoint residents.

11. What is your connection with LocWorld?
Donna Parrish, Publisher of MultiLingual from 2001-2020, co-founded the conference series together with Ulrich Henes from the Localization Institute in 2003. As of 2020, MultiLingual Media remains one of the event’s main supporters but no longer has a financial stake or operational function in LocWorld. Attendees can still opt-in to receive a free digital subscription to MultiLingual magazine when they attend.

12. Where are your advertising rates?
Companies come in all sizes, and we offer advertising and marketing options for any budget, both in print and online. You may request a full media kit and rate card here or email advertising@multilingual.com with any questions. On top of traditional advertising, our additional offerings are constantly adjusted based on what are the most successful marketing strategies today.

13. What does Renato Beninatto do for MultiLingual?
Renato Beninatto has been one of the magazine’s main supporters since its inception and is the most publicly recognized name in the localization industry today. After heavy involvement to give MultiLingual Media a fresh start in 2020, he retreated to an advisory role in January 2021. On social media and at events he is the most influential brand ambassador we could ask for.

14. I would love to meet someone in person. How can I do that?
MultiLingual Media is headquartered in Sandpoint, ID, which is a charming small town but very far away from everything. The company leadership makes frequent visits to industry events, and you have a good chance of catching Marjolein, Cameron, Evy, Renato, or Tucker at LocWorld, GALA’s Annual Conference, ATA’s Annual Conference, Elia’s events, and more. To set up a meeting beforehand, please reach out via a contact form.