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Like many people in our industry, we have to explain localization pretty much every time someone asks what it is we do for a living. We usually say something like this: nearly everyone you know has likely had a chance to laugh over a bad localization, even if these people were unaware that was what they were doing. Localization may be the global community’s most obvious secret. It, or its attempts, are all around us — in our user manuals, on our websites, in our software, on our menus. To call it translation is short-selling it. Translation may be involved, but even a good translation may fail to appeal to you, the end user. This is because cultural norms and assumptions are present in most content people consume.

Global Reach

Production & Outreach

Marjolein Groot Nibbelink

Publisher, CEO

Marjolein holds a degree in Communication from the University of Rotterdam and has long had an affinity for creative writing, photography and language. She realized early on that the Netherlands was too small for her and after traveling to 30+ countries over the span of 10 years she moved to the United States in 2014. When she lets her hair down, you can find her on her racing bike or camping in the wilderness.

Eddie Arrieta

Head of Growth

Eddie developed the startup world for the past decade, cofounded ventures, and deepened his knowledge of media, communications, business intelligence, and growth. Today, Eddie is focused on identifying global expansion opportunities through communications, technology, and innovation, specifically in AI, ML, and blockchain. As a remote professional, Eddie believes we can build a world where opportunities are available to all.

Antonella Tiezzi

Layout Designer, Branding

Antonella Tiezzi is a 30-year-old Argentinian and graphic designer specialized in publishing. Her passion for books is what led her to work in this field. Lover of argentine mate, English literature and languages. Nowadays she enjoys running in the mountain with her friends, working at MultiLingual, and sharing barbecues with her family.

Cameron Rasmusson


Cameron Rasmusson’s international experience started at an early age thanks to parents whose work largely centered on eastern European countries. After completing his education, he moved to Sandpoint, Idaho, where he worked as a reporter, writer and editor for multiple statewide publications. Cameron has a passion for all mediums of arts and entertainment — particularly film and video games. Outside of work, he spends his time cooking, skiing, and dabbling in fiction writing.

Nico Palomo

Marketing Communications

Nico, an avid traveler and content creator, holds a strong background in the marketing field. After living in nine countries over the past decade, he has gained invaluable exposure to diverse cultures. Nico excels at managing social media platforms, marketing campaigns, and video production, significantly contributing to brand growth and awareness. In his free time, Nico enjoys capturing moments through photography, strumming blues tunes on his guitar, and discovering untouched natural spots. His enthusiasm for learning and adapting to new challenges makes him an indispensable addition to the MultiLingual team.

Cathy Martin

Newsroom Editor

Cathy brings a decade of editing and publishing experience to the MultiLingual team, with a background spanning technical communication, feature writing, and magazine production. She holds a degree in journalism from the University of Wisconsin and has spent time studying and teaching in France. Now living in Southern California, she can often be found enjoying local beaches and chasing her toddler.

IT & Finance

MultiLingual TV

Kristen Glant

Chief Financial Officer

Kristen comes to us with a background in finance and accounting. She began her career in public accounting, logging many hours performing audits and taxes. Next step was a stint in the software accounting consulting industry where she specialized in training and setting up financial reporting software for small and mid-size companies in the Pacific Northwest.

Aleksey Schipack

Chief Information Officer

With over ten years of web development experience, Aleksey is Multilingual resident technical whiz. He’s there to support our team with every (un)imaginable request, helping to push the envelope on data visualization and processing. Oh, he knows a thing or two about localization too.

Oscar Betancourt

Video Editing

Oscar is a content creator and video editor with seven years experience. He started his career as a live audio technician at an early age and pursued it for more than a decade. His passion for technology and spectacle got him into photography and later on into video production. Nowadays he enjoys long sessions behind the editing desk, and being a consultant for the various and entertaining projects at MultiLingualTV.

Editorial Board

Miguel Á Bernal-Merino


Miguel Á Bernal-Merino holds a doctorate in the localization of video games and is currently lecturing at the University of Roehampton in London. Miguel was instrumental in the creation of the Localization Summit within the Game Developers Conference and is one of the advisors.

Aki Ito


Aki Ito has been involved in the localization industry since 1996. He previously served on the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) board of directors in 2005-2006 and as chairman of the board in 2006. He has an MBA in international marketing and a BA in international relations.

Nataly Kelly


Nataly Kelly is vice president of marketing localization at Hubspot. She has extensive experience in the translation, localization and interpreting industry, and her book, Found in Translation, which she cowrote with Jost Zetzsche, discusses the importance of translation in society.

Barry Slaughter Olsen


Barry Slaughter Olsen is a conference interpreter with over 25 years of experience. He is an associate professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). He is also the founder and co-president of InterpretAmerica and general manager of Multilingual Operations at ZipDX.

Jost Zetzsche


Jost Zetzsche is a translator, a localization and translation consultant, and a widely published author of books and articles on the technical aspects of translation. In 1999, Jost cofounded International Writers’ Group on the Oregon coast.

Advisory Board

Tucker Johnson

Board Director

Tucker takes Renato’s crazy ideas and puts them into action. Specialized in vendor side operations, global team management, large program outsourcing, and supply chain governance, Tucker is happy to share his operational experience with Multilingual partners.

Renato Beninatto

Сhairman of the Board

Renato brings decades of experience everywhere he goes. With extensive experience in international consulting, market research, sales and marketing, Renato provides the strategic direction that helps Multilingual better serve clients worldwide.