Study sheds light on infants’ acquisition of native language phonology

“Understanding how this early learning proceeds is important as it serves as a foundation for later development,” reads the study. “However, it has proven difficult to identify a learning mechanism that works on the true input infants hear.”

ISO publishes revised, more collaborative international standard for RSI technology

Expanding upon the 2020 version of the standard, the newly published standard is more than twice as long, laying out requirements for interpreters, speakers, and platform providers to ensure that images and audio transmitted between them are conveyed accurately and cleanly.

War in Ukraine spurs decline in Russian-language use, survey shows

Just a few months before the war began, 26% of Ukrainians claimed to use Russian as their primary home language. This survey says that number's fallen to just 13%.

AP Spanish students are no substitute for professional interpreters

When a group of Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish students in Martha’s Vineyard stepped in to act as impromptu interpreters for non-English-speaking migrants last week, mainstream media outlets presented it as a touching, good Samaritan-esque detail in part of a larger, more unsettling story.

Fujitsu and Straker Translations collaborate on Māori translation initiative

Just in time to close out this year’s Māori Language Week, Fujitsu and Straker Translations announced today that they’ve teamed up to offer Māori translation on ServiceNow.

Two literary translations shortlisted for $60,000 prize in Canada

If one of the works win, it would be the first time a novel in translation won the award in the prize’s 25-year history.

Squid Game wins Emmys for best actor, director

Monday was another big night for international entertainment with an Emmy win for Lee Jung-jae and Hwang Dong-hyuk of Squid Game. 

Al Arabiya interpreter goes viral for questionable error in King Charles...

Everybody makes mistakes, but it surely stings a bit more when that mistake is broadcast on live television. An interpreter working for the Dubai-based news channel Al Arabiya likely learned that lesson this past week after accidentally leading an audience to believe that King Charles III was pleased to announce the death of his mother.

“Animal translation” generates media buzz — does it work?

Pet care would probably be a lot simpler if we could translate a simple “meow” into human language with the same ease as translating between two languages like English and German with machine translation (MT).

Researchers share framework for more accurate speech recognition

In their paper, published at the end of August, the researchers outline their approach to improving ASR for Mandarin Chinese, which was found to reduce character error rates by more than 25%.

GALA urges continued support for Ukraine from localization community

The Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) has released the results of a survey on support to Ukraine, conducted with 40 respondents of its community. This represents about 10% of the organizational members. 

Andy Jolls joins Lilt team as CMO

Lilt, a business translation software provider, has a new CMO this week in Andy Jolls. A business professional with over 20 years of experience in marketing roles, Jolls announced his hiring by Lilt yesterday on LinkedIn, sharing a video where he detailed his reasons for joining the team.   



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