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Which languages should I localize my game into?
The birth of ROI-based localization


There are a lot of articles out there on the subject of localization ROI, but I’m sad to report that most of them are general overviews written by localization companies themselves that provide very unsophisticated guidelines such as “localize into popular European languages first, then into Asian languages” or vague assurances that boil down to “invest in localization, and we promise it’ll pay off. Just trust us — we sell localization services every day.”

Yuri Petyushin
MultiLingual May/June 2019

Andy Andersen

It is time to directly address new members of your future community, increase the diversity of your user base, and potentially expand on your profitability. But how do you know which languages are worth it? Which countries or markets should you focus on? What are your key performance indicators (KPIs)? How will you track and measure your success post-launch? The answers are complex.

Andy Andersen
MultiLingual March/April 2019

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