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Speech is one of the fundamental modes of linguistic communication. It’s so close to unconscious, mainstream society only notices it when it’s missing. We call our industry a “language industry,” yet the majority of all our tools and methods are text based. Even the most famous language tool from all of history, the Rosetta Stone, is a scribe’s aide — a rock with textual information in three written languages.

Gilbert Segura
MultiLingual January/February 2020

Don’t overdo it
The paradox of content in sustainable tourism

Anne-Cécile Dousson-Lhéritier

Customers now want to own their travel experiences end-to-end, and they are getting more conscious of the impact of their actions. Whether tourism companies have sustainability at the core of their business model or as a possible choice for a subsegment of their customers, it is a concept everyone is talking about.

Anne-Cécile Dousson-Lhéritier
MultiLingual November/December 2019

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