ISO publishes revised, more collaborative international standard for RSI technology

Expanding upon the 2020 version of the standard, the newly published standard is more than twice as long, laying out requirements for interpreters, speakers, and platform providers to ensure that images and audio transmitted between them are conveyed accurately and cleanly.

AP Spanish students are no substitute for professional interpreters

When a group of Advanced Placement (AP) Spanish students in Martha’s Vineyard stepped in to act as impromptu interpreters for non-English-speaking migrants last week, mainstream media outlets presented it as a touching, good Samaritan-esque detail in part of a larger, more unsettling story.

Al Arabiya interpreter goes viral for questionable error in King Charles...

Everybody makes mistakes, but it surely stings a bit more when that mistake is broadcast on live television. An interpreter working for the Dubai-based news channel Al Arabiya likely learned that lesson this past week after accidentally leading an audience to believe that King Charles III was pleased to announce the death of his mother.

National Association of the Deaf publishes ranking of states’ ASL access...

The National Association of the Deaf (NAD) recently named Arkansas the number one state on a ranking of US states according to their American Sign Language (ASL) access during their respective COVID-19 press briefings.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing patients file lawsuit against Washington healthcare provider

Instead of in-person interpreters, Providence St. Joseph Health often relied on VRI to communicate with patients — in several cases, however, lack of staff training and poor internet connection led to mishaps such as sudden, repeated disconnections and blurry video.

Translators, interpreters rally for employment status in Department of Labor hearing

Dozens of independent contractors, including translators and interpreters, turned out today for a U.S. Department of Labor Zoom forum over proposed rule changes to employment regulations. 

Illinois passes bill on interpreters in public school, effective immediately

As MultiLingual reported in April, Illinois is one of a couple of states throughout the United States that has been looking to improve language access in the school system for non-English-speaking parents.

Oregon’s healthcare interpreter law goes into effect next week

Beginning next week, non-English-speaking residents of Oregon will benefit from expanded language access measures in the state’s healthcare system. House Bill 2359 (HB 2359) addresses...

Study says interpreters can bridge gap between doctors and LEP parents

A study recently published in JAMA Pediatrics showed that parents who have limited English proficiency (LEP) are less likely to feel comfortable asking doctors and other hospital personnel follow-up questions about their child’s care or treatment.

Hearing-related injuries cause interpreter shortage in Canada

In April 2022, about one-sixth of the federal interpreters that work to interpret meetings between parliamentary committees were unable — either partially or completely — to fulfill their job, hindering politicians’ ability to effectively communicate with one another.

NY court interpreters propose class action against state

Because a much larger portion of court interpreters are foreign-born than other courtroom employees, a civil rights complaint alleges that the disparity in pay rates discriminates on the basis of nationality.

Applying corpus linguistics in the courthouse

Machine translation (MT) and natural language processing (NLP) specialists are likely to be familiar with corpus linguistics. Lawyers and judges? Not so much — at least, not yet.