Three-quarters of enterprises now localizing training content

RWS research reveals that 73% of global enterprises are localizing training content, with 50% planning to increase localization efforts.

XTRF Launches Enhanced XTM Cloud Integration, Vendor Management, and Invoicing for...

XTM International launches XTRF 9.9, offering enhanced integration between XTRF and XTM Cloud, improved vendor management, and invoicing capabilities.

Bolingo Consult’s Children’s Book Series Approved for Schools in Ghana

The Ami Series, a children’s book on environment and climate change, has been approved as supplementary material for Basic 1-3 levels in Ghana.

Translate.One Announces Rebranding of Commit Global, inWhatLanguage, and Balthasar Ltd.

Translate.One, a division of Trustpoint, unveils its strategic rebranding initiative, integrating recent acquisitions under its unified brand.

Wordly Achieves 3 Million AI Translation Users

In a groundbreaking development, Wordly, a leading provider of AI-driven translation services, has reached an astonishing milestone: 3 million users.

New Interprefy App Enables AI Live Translation for On-The-Go Meetings

Experience seamless multilingual communication in small- to medium-sized professional meetings with Interprefy Now.

Smartling Announces Launch of AI Translation Toolkit

With the AI Translation Toolkit, Smartling is making cutting-edge AI translation features available to their customers' own language service providers.

Flitto Signs MOU with Upstage for AI Language Data Building Endeavor

The collaboration aims to bolster competitiveness in the enterprise language model market through the collection and construction of low-resource language datasets in Asia.

ALCA Conference 2024: Forging Robust and Thriving LSPs in Africa

Join the Association of Language Companies in Africa on August 28-29, 2024, to discuss technology, talent development, market expansion, and more.