Editorial Board

Miguel Á Bernal-Merino

has been working nonstop to raise awareness of issues within the game and localization industries as well as academia and translation studies. He is convinced that research into these topics will improve quality, player satisfaction, turnover and return on investment. He holds a doctorate in the localization of video games and is currently lecturing at the University of Roehampton in London. Miguel was instrumental in the creation of the Localization Summit within the Game Developers Conference and is one of the advisors. He is also a member of the International Game Developers Association and cofounder of the Game Localization Special Interest Group. His area of expertise for MultiLingual is games.

David Filip

is chair (convener) of OASIS XLIFF OMOS TC; secretary, editor and liaison officer of OASIS XLIFF TC; a former co-chair and editor for the W3C ITS 2.0 Recommendation; and co-moderator of the Interoperability and Standards WG at JIAMCATT. He has been also appointed as NSAI expert to ISO TC37 SC3 and SC5, ISO/IEC JTC1 WG9, WG10 and SC38. His specialties include open standards and process metadata, workflow and meta-workflow automation. David works as a research fellow at the ADAPT Research Centre, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. Before 2011, he oversaw key research and change projects for Moravia’s worldwide operations. David held research scholarships at universities in Vienna, Hamburg and Geneva, and graduated in 2004 from Brno University with a PhD in Analytic Philosophy. He holds master’s degrees in philosophy, art history, theory of art and German philology. David brings his standards expertise to the magazine.

Aki Ito

has been involved in the localization industry since 1996, working in various activities such as sales management; operations management; project management; Japanese language management and consulting; and translation memory tool management. He previously served on the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) board of directors in 2005-2006 and as chairman of the board in 2006. Prior to his involvement in the localization industry, Aki was an account executive at Dell Computer in the United States and Japan, selling personal computers and networking solutions to multinational companies for their worldwide implementations. He has an MBA in international marketing and a BA in international relations. His areas of expertise for MultiLingual include consulting and management.

Nataly Kelly

is vice president of marketing (localization) at Hubspot, a marketing and sales software company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She has extensive experience in the translation, localization and interpreting industry, and her latest book, Found in Translation (Penguin), which she cowrote with Jost Zetzsche, discusses the importance of translation in society. Her area of expertise for MultiLingual is interpreting.

Barry Slaughter Olsen

is a conference interpreter and technophile with over 25 years of experience interpreting and training interpreters, as well as organizing language services. He is an associate professor at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey (MIIS). His research focuses on interpreting and technology with an emphasis on remote interpreting platforms. He is also the founder and co-president of InterpretAmerica and general manager of Multilingual Operations at ZipDX, a next-generation audioconferencing company. His area of expertise for MultiLingual is interpreting technologies.

Jost Zetzsche

is a translator, a localization and translation consultant, and a widely published author of books and articles on the technical aspects of translation. A native of Hamburg, Germany, he earned a PhD in the field of Chinese translation history and linguistics, and began working in localization and technical translation in 1997. In 1999, Jost cofounded International Writers’ Group on the Oregon coast. His latest endeavor is TranslatorsTraining.com, a site that offers in-depth comparisons of translation tools. His area of expertise for MultiLingual focuses on technology.