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With the rise of AI technology, specifically generative AI tools, multilingual content creation is at everyone’s fingertips. That means social media content, case studies, product descriptions, blog posts, sales copy, marketing messages, and more. Generative AI tools can help content creators draft a first version, eliminate writer’s block, tailor drafted content to tone and style, even in multiple languages simultaneously. Canva’s Magic Write sums it up well: “Your first draft, fast.”

AI tools are not for everyone, especially not for enterprise-grade usage, where complexity of new technologies is prohibitive for immediate deployment and security and privacy policies are critical (e.g. certifications such as ISO, or the possibility to opt-out from data used in model training). However, small businesses (especially B2C) will find immediate use for some of these tools.

Some tools are customized with templates, some are fine-tuned for a specific purpose (e.g. short articles, or SEO), some are more capable of long-form creation. Some platforms also offer image and presentation creation, plus other capabilities. And of course there’s a good ol’ free-of-charge ChatGPT, or the GPT-4 powered ChatGPT-plus, with API, plugins, and more. The benefit of the below tools is that they were custom/purpose created, so as an “everyday” user, you don’t have to worry about how to ask the right prompts, how to tailor the output further, or where to save the data.

Development and deployment of new features in these tools is very rapid. It’s worth keeping an eye on their updates, because even if a tool is better at certain content types today, that advantage may be leveled out in a few weeks.

Here are a few prominent content generation tools:

GrammarlyGO (in beta) | since July 2009

“GrammarlyGO, the suite of generative AI capabilities from the leader in AI communication assistance.” Grammarly is probably the leader in — what do you know? — grammar and formatting checks. Plus, it is also enterprise-grade.

  • G2 score: 4.6
    (Interestingly, Jasper is a customer of Grammarly via the Text Editor SDK).

Canva Magic Write | since 2012

“Your first draft, fast.” Newly introduced in December 2022 as part of Canva Visual Worksuite, Magic Write offers “everything your team needs to create visual content.”

  • G2 score: 4.7
  • Initial language support: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian.
  • Teams support – native in Canva

Writesonic | since January 2021

  • G2 score: 4.8
  • 24 languages
  • API: Yes
  • Great for long-form writing
  • Enterprise subscription for teams
  • Integrations to core social media, support, and sales platforms
  • Also: Chatsonic (GPT-4 integrated with Google Search — kind of like you.com).

Jasper | since Feb 2021

  • G2 score: 4.7
  • 29 languages
  • Teams support: Jasper for Business, introduced in February 2023
  • API coming soon
  • Some integrations
  • Also: Jasper Art (image generator)

Rytr | since April 2022

  • G2 score: 4.7
  • 30 languages
  • API: Yes
  • Integrations lacking
  • Great for short-form
  • Sharing and team collaboration on roadmap

Honorable mentions

  • Copy.ai
  • Peppertype.ai
  • Simplified.co
  • Anyword.com

How to decide?

Pick your provider — or even multiple at the same time for benchmarking. Give them a test drive; most of them offer a free trial. Consider asking the following questions when evaluating these tools and how they may be amended for your business purposes:

Does the generated output reflect the purpose? Will it resonate with my audience? If not, how much effort does it take to get there?

  • Does the use of this tool speed up my content creation process? By how much?
  • Can I use it to access my existing customers / new markets and customers? What is the risk involved?
  • Can I integrate it with my current content and localization tech stack? If yes, what’s the effort required?
  • Can I easily correct/edit/format/iterate the output to my flavor?
  • (If work is in teams) Does the tool offer collaboration features to involve my in-country revisers/copy editors?
  • Does the tool provide the privacy and data security I need?
  • How many languages does the tool support? Does that list cover my current and near-future needs?

Lastly, don’t rely on EN-generated content for multilingual tasks. Have your in-country marketing colleagues, reviewers, and LSPs at the ready for evaluation, benchmarking, and ranking — and base your assessment on their human feedback. Better even, conduct A/B testing with real customers/readers.



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