#210 – December

“LangOps is Here to Stay”

The relatively new term “LangOps” is explained as a roadmap to improved efficiency — consolidating workflows and modifying methodologies. Ideally, it’s never noticed “above ground.” Like
a subway system below a city of old, tangled streets. But will these old roads (i.e. “localization”) ever go away, or can they exist in harmony?



ecember is finally here, and with it comes the completion of my first year editing for MultiLingual Media. It’s been an eventful year to say the least, with no shortage of lessons learned about language-related industries and the many fascinating, brilliant professionals that comprise it.

As we all reflect on the year’s developments, I’d like to wish you happy holidays irrespective of the traditions and occasions you observe. I hope you find a chance to relax, eat delicious food, and enjoy the people who mean the most to you. We’ve all worked hard this year. Now is an opportunity for a short rest before we return for another productive year.

We already have some exciting irons in the fire for MultiLingual Media in 2023. With a full year of producing monthly magazines behind us, we’re moving into the next 12 months with increased confidence. Expect more news, interviews, analysis, and special features — plus a few surprises along the way. It’s an exciting time for the language and localization industry, and we’re excited to experience it with our readers. 

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LangOps: The Vision and The Reality

By Renato Beninatto

In this piece, Nimdzi Insights co-founder Renato Beninatto dissects the concept of LangOps, identifying a handful of challenges he foresees for the term as it begins to catch on both within and without the language industry.



LangOps: Pipe Dream, LSP’s Heaven or Just a New Hashtag?

By Arthur Wetzel

Sometimes things become reality if you only put the right label on it — in this piece, LT-Innovate board member Arthur Wetzel sets out to determine just what exactly LangOps means, and whether or not “LangOps” is the right label for it.

On the Origin of LangOps: The evolution of the localization roadmap

By Andrew Warner

The phrase “LangOps” has received quite a bit of buzz lately, but where did it really come from? In this piece, MultiLingual staff writer Andrew Warner takes a look at the phrases’s origins and how it fits into the evolution of the localization industry.


The LangOps Paradigm: Perceptions of machine translation within the translation industry

By Riteba McCallum

After attending GALA 2022 this past April, Riteba McCallum was inspired to conduct a survey to determine just how useful professional translators think machine translation is in conducting their day-to-day tasks. Here, she shares the findings of her survey and what she thinks they might mean for the industry.

The Presentation of Novelty for the Common Good: A critical review of the Global Language Operations concept

By Dr. Miguel Cerna

In this piece, Dr. Miguel Cerna of Verve Translations does a point-by-point analysis of a previous MultiLingual article on LangOps, providing critiques and commentaries on whether or not it’s actually “here to stay” as many others in the magazine have argued.




How Do You Localize a Font?
A conversation with Gerry Leonidas

By Tim Brookes

In the latest installment of his column “The Red List,” Tim Brookes has a candid and fascinating conversation with Gerry Leonidas, a professor in the Department of Typography at the University of Reading. The two discuss font creation and the challenges of localizing a font for a specific locale.


The Pen and the Voice: Language and the voyage of Magellan

By Ewandro Magalhães

In this column, KUDO co-founder and chief language officer Ewandro Magalhães tells the tale of Enrique — an enslaved person who served as Ferdinand Magellan’s interpreter in his quest to circumnavigate the world.


Life Sciences 2022: A year in review

By Mark Shriner

In the last installment of The Lab for the year, columnist Mark Shriner takes a look at the past year and predicts some trends in the field of life sciences for the coming year. Spoiler alert: Things are looking good for localization folks working in life sciences.



Building a Multilingual SEO Program

By Nataly Kelly

In her latest piece for MultiLingual Magazine, Nataly Kelly talks to colleague Karolina Bujalska-Exner, senior marketing manager of international SEO at HubSpot, to gain some insights into how companies can develop an SEO strategy as they expand into new markets abroad.



How to Leverage a Multilingual Team for Maximum Success

By Sophie Jackson

While many business people might see a multilingual team as a challenge to overcome, Sophie Jackson thinks it’s the opposite — to her (and many others in our industry) it’s an asset. Here’s why.



Top 4 Favorite Holiday Traditions

By Óscar Curros

For many folks around the world, December doesn’t just mean the end of the year: It also means holidays and family time. In his latest piece for MultiLingual, staff writer Óscar Curros talked to five language professionals about their favorite holiday traditions during this season.