Second Game Global Summit considers best practices

Game Global Summit, focusing on game testing and localization, was held in Seattle October 16-17, 2018. Round tables focused on quality, player feedback, culturalization and more. Larger sessions included Karen Steven’s presentation on deaf gaming and a panel on localizing audio.

During the closing session, presenters summarized interesting findings from the day’s round tables. Demid Tishin reported that role playing games are “more sensitive” to localization than some other types of games, following his round table on sentiment analysis. Gaëlle Caballero stated that “communication is key, strong management is key” when optimizing quality working with global teams, which is what her own round table focused on.

“The best practices that have been shared are very, very valuable,” Miguel Bernal-Merino stated at the closing session. “In terms of improvement, I’ve seen a few things we can work on,” said advisory board member Mathieu Lachance, with an eye aimed at future events.