Because you are holding MultiLingual magazine, you may be looking for a solution for your translation or localization needs. This Buyer’s Guide is meant to showcase some of the language industry’s offer-ings, highlighting details you may need while you’re shopping for language services or tools. Additionally, the listed associations and nonprofit organizations provide a great resource for networking op-portunities and exploring the human side of the language industry. If you have questions about products and services, no matter what your level of expertise, this Buyer’s Guide can help point you in the right direction.



European Language Industry Association (Elia)

Elia is the European not-for-profit association of language service companies with a mission to accelerate our members’ business success. We do this by creating events and initiatives that anticipate and serve our members’ needs in building strong, sustainable companies, thereby strengthening the wider industry. Elia was founded in 2005 and has since established itself as the lead-ing trade association for the language services industry in Europe.
Elia Brussels, Belgium


Globalization and Localization Association

The Globalization and Localization Associa-tion (GALA) is a global, nonprofit trade associa-tion for the language industry. As a membership organization, we support our member companies and the language sector by creating communities, championing standards, sharing knowledge and advancing technology.
Globalization and Localization Association Seattle, WA USA




LocWorld conferences are dedicated to the language and localization industries. Our con-stituents are the people responsible for commu-nicating across the boundaries of language and culture in the global marketplace. International product and marketing managers participate in LocWorld from all sectors and all geographies to meet language service and technology pro-viders and to network with their peers. Hands-on practitioners come to share their knowledge and experience and to learn from others. See our website for details on upcoming and past conferences.
Localization World, Ltd. Sandpoint, ID USA



STAR Group

Multiple Platforms

STAR is a leader in information management, localization, internationalization and globalization services and solutions such as GRIPS (Global Real Time Information Processing Solution), PRISMA (Smart Content Services), STAR CLM (Corporate Language Management) including Transit (Translation & Localization), TermStar/WebTerm (Terminology Management), STAR MT (Machine Translation), CLM WebEdit (Web-based Translation & Review) and Mind-Reader (Authoring Assistance). With more than 50 offices in 30 countries and a global network of prequalified freelance translators, STAR provides a unique combination of information management tools and services required to manage all phases of the product in-formation life cycle. Languages: All STAR AG (STAR Group headquarters)
Ramsen, Switzerland
STAR Group America, LLC Lyndhurst, OH USA




Alliant Insurance Services is a National leader in insurance, risk management, and consulting. Since 1925, our clients have had profound confidence in us to deliver in all market climates. Today, this promise lives on through the dynamic confluences of people, ideas, and solutions, which have defined the Alliant name. The member-exclusive, ATA-endorsed Professional Liability Insurance Program protects translators and interpreters against claims-related errors, omissions, and/or negligence arising from their professional services. This comprehensive solution commonly known as errors and omissions liability insurance (E&O) covers defense costs and settlements and provides a valuable layer of additional coverage for translators and interpreters.
Alliant Chantilly, Virginia, United States



Number 1 LSP that you should know

Crestec is a world-class language service pro-vider. CSA Research ranks Crestec as a global top 5 LSP in the technology sector and global top 6 in the manufacturing sector. Headquartered in Japan with a network of over 18 sites in the US, Europe and Asia, we offer a one-stop compre-hensive solution for global communications from marketing content creation and technical writing to localization, printing and studio/shooting pro-duction.
Languages: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish
Crestec USA Long Beach, CA , USA

Crestec Europe Amsterdam, Netherlands
+31 205854640


Total Solutions for Your Business

E4NET is a total localization solutions provider including translation, DTP, recording, and spe-cialized in Asian localization covering all major Asian and regional tier 3 languages. We have 20+ years of successful localization production experience with major projects for IBM, Micro-soft, SAP, Oracle, HP, LG Electronics, Panasonic and more. E4NET is now providing patent translation services to the Korea Institute of Patent Information and translating life science projects including clinical protocols and reports. We are continuously developing and apply-ing innovative technologies such as machine translation and associated customer services throughout our production process to maxi- ize production/service efficiency. ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 27001 certified.
Languages: 60+
E4NET Co., Ltd. Seoul, South Korea


iDISC Information Technologies

iDISC, established in 1987, is an ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified language and software company based in Barcelona with branches and teams in Mexico, Brazil, USA, Argentina, Bolivia and Guatemala. We have dedicated teams for web content, software localization and translation of technical, business, automotive, biomedical and marketing documents. Our software development engineers and translation teams provide high-quality and on-time production solutions that are cost-efficient, flexible and scalable.
Languages: Spanish (all variants), Portuguese (all variants), Catalan, Basque, Galician, Valen-cian, K’iche’, Quechua, Aymara, Guarani
iDISC Information Technologies, S.L. Barcelona, Spain


The Next Generation of Translation Agencies

Gobetween LSP is a female-led company of PMs and linguists specialized in providing English into Spanish localization and translation services of excellent quality and value. We rethink and recreate industry best-practices based on more than one decade of experience in effective communication, quality indicators, and project planning. At gobetween LSP, we help clients and linguists succeed, we believe in teamwork, we focus on human relationships in an increasingly automated world and we mediate across cultures to ensure communication and understanding. Our clients benefit from our competitive rates and from the assistance provided throughout the entire project cycle.
Don’t wait for the future to find your next translation partner. The future is us. Languages: English<>Spanish (all flavors)
Gobetween LSP Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina
+1 347 946 3834


Mobico — by Saltlux

Mobico is the new brand name of Saltlux’s technical communication services and is also the name of the predecessor company to Saltlux, established in 1979 as Korea’s first TC business. What started as a small enterprise concentrating on creating Korean manuals and East Asian language translations evolved into a one-stop service provider for all your needs in the world of business today, including multilingual translation, localization, DTP, TW, and MTPE. The relentless pursuit of progress and perfection results in the use of state-of-the-art technology and processes, which in turn lead to superior translation quality with shorter turn-around times and therefore to greater customer satisfaction. Languages: More than 70 languages.
Saltlux, Inc. Seoul, South Korea


ORCO S.A. Localization Services

Founded in 1983, ORCO celebrates this year its 35th anniversary. Over the years, ORCO has built a reputation for excellence and gained the trust of leading companies, such as Oracle, IBM and Carrier for the localization of their products. Our core business activities include technical, medical, legal, financial, marketing and other translations, software and multimedia localization, as well as localization consulting. We cover most European languages and our client list includes long-term collaborations with international corporations, government institutions, banks, pri-vate enterprises, NGOs and the European Union. ORCO is certified according to ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 quality standards.
Languages: Greek and European languages
ORCO S.A. Athens, Greece


RWS Holdings plc

RWS Holdings plc is the world’s leading provider of technology-enabled language, content man-agement and intellectual property services. We help our customers to connect with and bring new ideas to people globally by communicating business critical content at scale and enabling the protection and realization of their innovations. Our vision is to help organizations interact ef-fectively with people anywhere in the world by solving their language, content and market access challenges through our collective global intelli-gence, deep expertise and smart technology.
RWS Holdings plc, Chalfont St. Peter, UK
+44 (0) 1753 480 200


BLEND— End-to-end Localization Services

Multiple platforms

BLEND ( is a global localization company brought to you by the makers of One Hour Translation — the legacy LSP founded in 2008.
As an end-to-end, technology-based, multi-mar-ket enabler, BLEND empowers global brands to establish a native presence in fundamentally dif-ferent markets, worldwide.
Our strength lies in the power of our AI-driven technology stack, the diversity of our team, and the strength of our global community of linguists. With a multitude of ethnicities and global loca-tions, we’re dedicated to helping global compa-nies weave their brands successfully into local markets. BLEND is a privately held company with offices in Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Kyiv, and Bucharest. Languages: 120+
BLEND 11 Ha’achim Mislavita st. Tel Aviv 7401022 Israel



We have been helping some of the world’s most iconic brands to optimize their global commercial potential since 1997. Vistatec is one of the world’s most innovative, progressive and successful localization solutions providers. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with offices in Mountain View, California, USA. Think Global.
Languages: All
Europe: Dublin, Ireland,
353-1-416 -8000
North America: Mountain View, CA USA


PTW – Bringing your story to the world

The team at PTW are game localization experts, offering end-to-end audio production, translation, and localization quality assurance services from an extensive global studio footprint.
PTW’s 25 years’ history in the games industry has allowed us to build a client-centric organization, providing a boutique service that is tightly integrated across key regions.
We’re a global team of passionate, hard-working, ambitious gamers, whose goal is always to make every gamers experience as perfect as possible.
The PTW family of brands includes SIDE, an award-winning creative services provider and Entalize, the leading video game localization outsourcer in Japan.
Translation | Audio Recording | Localization Testing | Development. Languages: 40+.
PTW Los Angeles, CA, United States
+1 781-434-6000




Lionbridge partners with brands to break barriers and build bridges all over the world. For 25 years, we have helped companies connect with their global customers and employees by delivering translation and localization solutions in 350+ languages. Through our world-class platform, we orchestrate a network of passionate experts across the globe who partner with brands to create culturally rich experiences. Relentless in our love of linguistics, we use the best of human and machine intelligence to forge understanding that resonates with our customers’ customers. Based in Waltham, Massachusetts, Lionbridge maintains solution centers in 26 countries. Languages: 350+.
Lionbridge Waltham, MA, United States
+1 781-434-6000




InText is a company with offices in Ukraine and Estonia providing multilingual localization and desktop publishing services. We have 20 years of experience in the language industry and 300+ clients worldwide. InText has 36 languages available for your localization needs. Our linguists work with a wide variety of subject areas. While our team of 10 in-house and 40+ freelance DTP specialists provides desktop publishing projects and work with all languages in different software tools. Benefit from ordering all-in-one multilingual solutions for your localization tasks.
Languages: 36
InText Translation Solutions OÜ, Tallin, Kesklinna linnaosa,




Translators without Borders

Translators without Borders (TWB) is a global community bringing together over 80,000 people who offer their time and skills to support the organization’s mission — helping people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak. Originally founded in 2011, TWB is today part of CLEAR Global, a US-based nonprofit that also comprises CLEAR Tech and CLEAR Insights.
Languages: 200 language pairs
Translators without Borders CT USA



Clear Global

CLEAR Global is a US-based nonprofit comprising Translators without Borders, CLEAR Tech, and CLEAR Insights. With our research and partnership programs, AI-based language technology solutions, and a community of over 80,000 linguists, CLEAR Global is helping people get vital information and be heard, whatever language they speak.
CLEAR Global Garden City, Idaho, USA
+44 (0) 1753 480 200




Nimdzi Insights is an international market research and consulting company. Nimdzi advises on language services, localization pro-grams, business operations, and mergers and acquisitions. Nimdzi is committed to provid-ing opportunities for continuous professional development and resources for business pro-fessionals worldwide.
Nimdzi Insights Seattle, WA, United States
+1 206 823 3177


Speech Technologies

Boostlingo | Interpretation Technology

Boostlingo is an interpretation software and technology company based in Austin, Texas. We are focused on defining the next generation of interpretation technology solutions.
Our software is available on any device, customizable for your language service company’s needs, and compliant across all common regulatory and security requirements.
The Boostlingo software platform includes features like: white label mobile apps for your customers to get connected with interpreters, OPI and VRI delivery systems, multi-tenant administration and configuration controls, internet- and phone-based routing systems, onsite interpretation scheduling tools and analytics, and appointment geo-tracking services.
Get started on your growth journey today at
Languages: 300 languages supported
Boostlingo Austin, Texas, United States



Consoltec Inc.

Multiple Platforms

FlowFit-TMS is a web-based translation management system developed by Consoltec to optimize the management of translation-related projects and reduce administrative costs. Consoltec relied on its adaptation services to offer a flexible software with fully customizable web portals for clients, providers, and project managers to give them an accurate overview of their teams’ workload, and allow them to manage their clients and internal/external resources effectively. FlowFit integrates well with CAT tools (memoQ, RWS, Terminotix) and machine translation systems(Systran, Intento and Alexa Translations) to provide users with a complete solution. Visit our website to start your free trial!
Consoltec Montreal, Québec, Canada
(+1) 514 312-2485




Memsource is a leading cloud-based transla-tion management system that enables global companies, translation agencies and translators to collaborate in one secure, online location. Internationally recognized for providing an easy-to-use, yet powerful CAT tool combined with a TMS, Memsource processes two billion words per month from over 200,000 users around the world. Manage your translation projects in real-time in an intelligent platform that accepts over 50 file types and offers REST API, out-of-the-box CMS connectors and powerful workflow automation to save time and money. Join localiza-tion professionals from around the world who rely on Memsource to streamline their transla-tion process. To start your free 30-day trial, visit
Languages: All Memsource Prague, Czech Republic
+420 221 490 441



XTM International

XTM International develops and sells XTM Cloud, an enterprise SaaS translation management system with an integrated computer aided translation tool. XTM’s mission is to help enterprises reach global markets more efficiently by automating and man-aging all aspects of the localization process. XTM Cloud employs AI to deliver advanced automation, has a well-developed REST API and out-of-the-box connectors for content management systems and machine translation systems. XTM’s flexible and automated workflow streamlines complex localization processes and supply chains while providing project managers with an up-to-date view of the project status. XTM Cloud is designed to be scalable, flexible and agile, with industry open standards at its core. Visit for more.
XTM International Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
+ 44 1753 480 479



Reach Global Users in their Native Language

Smartling helps companies automate, manage and professionally translate content across all devices and platforms to deliver omni-channel brand experiences that facilitate global growth. Languages: Over 100 Languages.
Smartling New York, United States



GlobalWay Co., Ltd.

As an industry-leading localization company in Korea, GlobalWay has been providing incom-parable professional localization services with exceptional quality to partners all around the globe since 2003. We are here to offer language solutions including translation, voiceover, testing, DTP and engineering services. Our highly qualified in-house linguists in each field of expertise, experienced engineers and project managers will add value to your growing business. GlobalWay and its longterm global partners are ready to support you on the road to success. Are you looking for a reliable partner? Our doors are wide open for you. Should you need more information, please feel free to contact us.
Languages: 50+ more languages including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, German, Rus-sian, Vietnamese, Thai, Indonesian.
GlobalWay Co., Ltd. Seoul, South Korea




Professional translation services made easy. Crafted by expert humans, powered by technology, efficiently delivered. We have delivered 1.2 million translations in 150 languages to 134,091 clients in 40 macro-domains since 1999, powering the globalization strategy of the most demanding clients. We work hard to make translation services more effective, by enhancing our production processes with great technologies and talented people. A perfect example is T-Rank™, the system that instantly matches your content with the most qualified translator for the job. We offer a wide range of linguistic services that cover all your future needs: Google Ads translation, software localization, subtitling, and APIs to integrate human translation. We open up language to everyone.
Languages: 150 languages and 40 areas of expertise.
Translated Rome, Italy



Founded in 1992, birotranslations specializes in life science, legal, technical, IT and automotive translations into all East European languages (Albanian, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Mace-donian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slo-vak, Slovenian, Ukrainian). We have a long-term partnership with the world’s top 100 MLVs and many end-clients all around the globe. With our experienced project managers, extensive network of expert linguists and usage of the latest CAT tool technology, your projects will be deliv-ered on time, within budget and with the highest standards of quality. For more information, please contact Mr. Matic Berginc (details below).
Languages: Eastern European languages birotranslations Ljubljana, Slovenia
+386 590 43 557


ADAPT Localization Services

ADAPT Localization Services offers premium language services for clients in the medical, life sciences and technology sectors. Certified under ISO 13485 and ISO 17100, the company is headquartered in Germany and maintains offices in Sweden, Spain and Denmark.
ADAPT offers the full range of services from translation, software localization and terminology work through graphics and pre-print tasks to dubbing and subtitling of training courses and company presentations. With more than 20 years of experience in fields like in vitro diagnostics, medical devices, optics or automation technology, ADAPT is the partner of choice for many leading manufacturers particularly when it comes to complying with regulatory language requirements in Europe and worldwide.Languages: All the world’s business languages
Adapt Germany, Bonn, NRW
+49 228 982260

Rheinschrift Language Services

Outstanding localization requires world-class experience. Rheinschrift gives your business a native voice in the German-speaking world. We offer more than 26 years’ experience providing translations and localizations for software and hardware manufacturers as well as for the sectors of business, technology, legal matters and medicine/medical applications. Our ISO 17100 and ISO 18587 certified services also range from glossaries, post-editing, project management and desktop publishing services to many other related services. Rely on Rheinschrift to deliver the most competent translations and meet your deadline, whatever it takes.
Languages: German to/from major European languages
Rheinschrift Language Services Cologne, Germany
+49 (0)221-80-19-28-0


Argos Multilingual

Argos Multilingual provides global language solutions. With over 30 years of experience, we serve clients in the high-tech, life sciences, human resources, and financial industries. We make it easy for businesses to grow globally and connect with expert talent anywhere in the world. With production centers in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, we follow a strategy of building robust programs for continuous translation and localization. You can expect a long-term and transparent partnership, backed by innovative solutions around technology, AI & data, creative content, and quality assurance.
Languages: 150+ languages
Argos Multilingual. Mogilska 100, 31-546, Krakow, Poland



Translations into Polish

Ryszard Jarża Translations, established in 2000, is a provider of Polish translation, localization and testing services, primarily for life sciences, IT, auto-motive, refrigeration and other technology sectors. Most of our work is produced in-house by a team of Polish linguists and subject matter experts who offer a unique combination of technical compe-tences and creativity required in marketing transla-tion projects. We work directly with localization departments of large multinational clients and with multilanguage service providers. With focus on one target language only (Polish) and very strong in-house capabilities, we achieve highest levels of quality and efficiency. Our quality management system is certified to ISO 13485, ISO 9001, and ISO 17100.
Languages: Polish
Ryszard Jarża Translations, Wrocław, Dolnośląskie, Poland
+48 601 228 332



memoQ is a technology provider that has been delivering premium solutions to the translation industry since 2004. For almost 15 years, memoQ has been dedicated to delivering innovation through diverse developments that today help hundreds of thousands of freelance translators, translation companies and enterprises worldwide. Having simplicity and more effective translation processes in mind, memoQ combines ease of use, collaboration, interoperability and leveraging in one single tool. Discover a new world with memoQ, and let our team help optimize your translation processes and make your business more successful.
Languages: All memoQ
Budapest, Hungary



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