Elia event looks at project management

Hamburg, Germany, December 5- 2019

The fourth edition of Elia’s Focus on Project Management was held in Hamburg, Germany, December 5-6, 2019. This is the largest event in the world dedicated exclusively to the continuous education of translation project and production managers, and was attended by 111 participants representing 28 countries.

The conference followed a unique two-day format. On the first day, the theoretical sessions by the renowned industry experts Anu Carnegie Brown, Françoise Bajon and Annette Lee covered the topics Understanding the Bigger Picture; Project Management Core Competencies; and Vendor Management and Resource Allocation, respectively. The day was closed with a keynote by international speaker and mindset expert Vivienne Dübbert on how to thrive at work in a high-stress environment.

Experts Anu Carnegie Brown, Françoise Bajon and Annette Lee

The second day began with a yoga session, after which the attendees participated in practical workshops on the previous day’s sessions. In addition, before the official conference began there was an afternoon dedicated to technology for project managers to get the latest on Plunet, SDL and memoQ software.

Attendees also received the popular Elia Handbook for Smart PMs, the latest version being distributed to attendees of this event each year. The handbook is designed as a guide for new, developing and experienced project managers, and aims to cover a wide range of practices in a nonformal and accessible way.